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A quick and dirty multi-save idea.

Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:54 pm

I'm in the process of finishing a long writeup on a neat new approach to save management that I wish to see adopted in every ROM player (flashcart, if you will), emulator, and frontend; starting, of course with everyone's favourite 64drive (posting here soon).

While developping that idea, I found a need for a quick and dirty side-show feature that wasn't covered by either traditional ROM-to-SAVE pairing nor my new system.

Without going into much more detail, the idea is very simple.

From the file browser, highlight a save file and try to load it. Instead of loading it as if it was a ROM, the menu will recognize it being a save file (even CPAK) by it's file extension and size, and THEN offer the user to browse for a ROM to go with it.

This would be useful to load foreign save files, such as those downloaded from the internet, without having to overwrite or temporarily replace your regular one.
With a system to create additional save files, it could also provide an adhoc multi-slot saving system. But that's going into too much for this post.

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