N64 HDMI Converter
  • Dezaemon 3D

    Japanese-only create-a-shooter game maker. Uses lots of pixel art.

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  • Waialae Country Club

    Average golf game with a nice high-res menu. Running on the new version converter.

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  • Ridge Racer

    This game looks good since it doesn't try to appear super-realistic with AA and fog/blur filters..

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  • Pokemon Stadium (High res)

    This game uses 640x480 resolution menus.

    Pixel perfect looks excellent.

  • Super Mario 64

    Camera was a bit out of focus on this one. In any case, games that utilize anti-aliasing look less horrid.

    Strong colors don't cause the fringing artifacts present on composite video.

  • High-res MGC demo

    The city scene from the MGC 2011 demo. You can make out every single pixel. Moire effect is due to my camera.

  • Starcraft 64

    A game with a nice high-resolution intro screen.

    You can see the error diffusion dithering on the sun flare clear as day.

  • High-res MGC demo

    Another shot of the demo.

    Same moire from the camera, and garbage on the left due to preliminary code.



If you are interested in being a reseller/installer, email me. There will be a minimum order quantity as well as volume discounts. You will be responsible for providing support and handling customer issues.


The next hardware design is well along in the prototyping stages and is much different from the one shown in the pictures here.
It exposes a single mini-HDMI port to the outside and is a very discreet fit.

Please check out the new forum post here: [LINK]


This is not a plug and play board. Soldering is required. Since it attaches directly to the output of the RCP before any video processing is done, it requires fine pitch soldering skills to install.

I will not provide installation services. However, some people in the community may choose to purchase a lot of 20-30 units from me and sell N64s with the board already installed.

The board will work with both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Tentative release date is Q2 2015. To be honest it's one of many things I have going on, and I'd rather not release a crappy product, so it'll be done when it's done.

If you are interested in this product, consider putting in your information to the box below. It goes to a special mailing list created just for this. You will get one or two emails when something significant happens, and it's ready to go.

Like the 64drive, I don't have the funds to start a huge batch order out of pocket. So it will be a small pre-order, where the pre-orders help bootstrap production costs.

Want to know when it's released?

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